Vienna based film producer Knut Ogris is currently trying to finish MANUSHA – The Little Gypsy Witch; a children’s film that should run in the theatres later this year. To overcome the financing problems he started an ambitious crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is an innovative format of project financing getting more and more attention since the concept recently found its way from the US to Europe. Crowdfunding turns the audience into sponsors by collective co-operation to make a certain project happen.

    Producer Knut Ogris explains: “MANUSHA is the story of a little Roma girl entering a great adventure in the world of Roma, together with her pet ferret Balthasar and her friend Zdenko. With music, fantasy and a glimpse of magic she touches the heart of so many people and achieves more than most grown-ups can: gaining tolerance, love and respect. In times of drastically increasing intolerance against Roma and Sinti we find it important to bring this film into the theatres, as it shows – in an entertaining way – how prejudices are born.”

    On Knut Ogris calls out to the masses to support his project. As compensation you’ll receive a unique reward, varying from a simple ‘Thank you very much’ or a downloadable file up to a private screening. Whoever can’t afford financial participation is still invited to promote the project through their own communication channels. Every form of attention can bring the project closer to its target of € 49,000, equaling a proper cinema career.


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