We know that it’s hard to pledge, because everything’s in german. So we described the funding-process in short words and we hope it works:

    1. Visit the project’s website: http://www.mysherpas.com/de/projekt/Manusha-die-kleine-Romahexe-moechte-ins-Kino/
    2. Register via Facebook, Twitter or enter your data manually. Mandatory fields: E-Mail, Vorname (=first name), Nachname (=last name), Geburtstag (=birthday), Land (=country), Passwort (=password). Uncheck “Ich möchte den mySherpas Newsletter abonnieren.”, if you don’t want to get the platform’s newsletter. BUT check “Ich akzeptiere die AGBs, die Nutzungs- und die Datenschutzbedingungen.” (=I accept the Terms). Hit “Registrieren”.
    3. When done, please go back to our project-page and click “Projekt unterstützen” (=support project)
    4. Enter your sponsoring amount (in EURO)
    5. Wähle deine Prämie = choose your perk: € 10,- = Thank you message and supports credit on website, € 25,- = download of film and soundtrack, € 30,- soundtrack on CD and CD of austrian gypsy musician Harri Stojka, € 40,- = movie on DVD and german screenplay as PDF, € 50,- = screenplay as a book and poster, € 75,- = poster and t-shirt, € 100,- = DVD, poster, t-shirt. All the other rewards are dealing with special screenings, premiere in Vienna etc.
    6. Zahlungsweise = choose payment. I guess PayPal works best for you.
    7. Click “Ich bin mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Widerrufsbelehrung einverstanden.” = Accept the terms. Then click “Sponsoring bestätigen”

    If you have any questions, please contact us!